Weird Luggage, Stylish Traveling

Happy summer days are just around the corner! Naturally, the seaside morphs into a place for fun. Thousands and thousands of pieces of luggage are heading towards huge waves, colorful fish and sunny mornings.

By taking spins in the airports or piled up in the back of the car, almost suffocated, the silent travel accessories do their job perfectly, without complaining and almost totally ignored.

funny luggage

Still, unique and extravagant suitcases are ready to show off!

Cardboard Suitcase

Even if on a first look, it seems fragile and not so lasting, the cardboard luggage can magically surpass all your expectations. It is strong enough to hold clothes, shoes, books – all at once and, more than that, the baggage can transform itself into an “easy usage” rack. Welcome to the green era!

Cardboard Suitcase

Cardboard Baggage

Via Green Parenthood

Closet style Suitcase

And finally my dreams came true. If there is something I hate, it is crumpled clothes before business meetings. I just imagine them nicely packed in those drawers… But carrying furniture along sounds a bit strange right?

weird suitcase luggage with drawers

closet suitcase

Designed by Psychic Factory

Williams Handmade Strangely Shaped Luggage

Wonderful handcrafts. Like taken out from the old and elegant movies. Magical boxes “using the finest British bridle leather and solid brass fittings”, as Williams Handmade states.

Jewelry is the right word to describe these pieces of luggage that undergo the eternal and fundamental idea of form follows function by combining a traveler’s needs with an impeccable image. I think they are my favorite.

crafted fashion weirdly shaped luggage willliams handmade

Designed by Williams Handmade

weirdly shaped luggage willliams handmade 00

Weird Luggage by Williams Handmade

weirdly shaped luggage willliams handmade 01

weirdly shaped luggage willliams handmade 02

OBAG, the Rolling Suitcase

The idea looks nice – probably you can’t feel you are carrying it, your own personal travel wheel, but I wonder about the space inside it.

rolling luggage modern cool travel bag

Designer: Roozbeh Mousavi

rolling suitcase

Skeleton Luggage

Luxury luggage designed by Alexander McQueen for Samsonite some time ago, but still in fashion for more. The impressive luggage looks like a human rib cage, which is a bit creepy.

Luxury Skeleton Luggage designed by Alexander McQueen for Samsonite

Luxury skeleton luggage funky Alexander McQueen

Designer: Roozbeh Mousavi

R2 D2 Droid / “Robot Trolley” luggage

May the force be with you, traveler! The Star wars little droid inspired suitcase doesn’t make cool noises or hologram projections but it’s still fun.

 “Robot Trolley” luggage

Credit: Salvador Bachiller

Hop! The Robot Luggage

Watch out! If you feel something is chasing you in the airport you should know it can’t be anything else but your own luggage. More than a sticker like the previous one, Hop! it’s a real robotic luggage that follows you everywhere you go. Controlled by cell phone.

Hop-Along Bot Luggage

hop suitcase automatic detector

Design made by Rodrigo Garcia – ideactionary

Hop Robot luggage

Scooter Fun, Micro Luggage

Childish and still elegant, the Scooter Luggage from Micro-Mobility company takes you where you want to go instead of you carrying it. Really helpful when you want to catch your plane. Fast and no sweat included! 🙂

scooter fun baggage

Buy it on Amazon!

scooter luggage

Happy Rainbow Suitcase

Most lively and cute suitcase ever. Spotted by Milka at Manila airport.

cute rainbow hearts luggage

“Illegal” Luggage

Drugs, money or kidnapped people inside your luggage? Better have a sticker.

drugs money funny weird luggage stickers

funny luggage sticker

Crocodile to declare?

If you just returned from a trip to Africa and your crocodile pet, going to become in the near future a fancy bag or some fashionable shoes, is to big to be properly hidden… please declare it. Especially if you land in Schiphol airport. Don’t break the Dutch customs regulations!

crocodile something to declare funny luggage

Advertising guerilla campaign from S-W-H, Via Osocio

LiveLuggage Power Assisted Suitcase

You just plug it into the power adapter and it’s charged for up to two hours. When the suitcase is tilted, turning in difficult curbs or passing less smooth surfaces the power assistance starts and helps you to pull the suitcase easier.


power assisted luggage

Convertible Luggage into Sofa

If you plan to travel on low budget or have some extra space for sleeping in a friend’s home without disturbing them too much, you can take your sofa as a backpack. 🙂

transforming suitcase sofa

convertible luggage into sofa

Trip Suitcase with Speakers and Seat

Another transformable suitcase, ideal for the moments while waiting for your plane and no free seats. And packed with speakers allowing you to listen your favorite music.

weird luggage with seat

From travelteq

trip transformable suitcase

SuitSuit Cases

If you like things with trendy personality and crying out loud: “Pick me, pick me!!”…

Washing Machine Suitcase

Designed by SuitSuit – The Original

Weird and funny flowers luggage suitcase

Funny colorful luggage suitcase

suitsuit washing machine luggage

suitsuit funny old lady luggge

Elegant suitcase

Mister Robot Stencil Suitcase

A nice work of art made by Seth Whitton on the top of an old piece of luggage.

Mister Robot! Stencil Suitcase

Funny luggage tags:

Now everyone knows what I want for my next birthday!! 😛

Irina Alexandra is a young entrepreneur and architect, with a passion for miracles and weirdness of life.

She has been writing articles on Weirdomatic for the last 7 years in a search for all the amazing things we tend to ignore.

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