Rayguns – Reality vs. SF


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A few days ago, I was searching some pictures on Flickr and by mistake I found the rayguns of Lockwasher. They are pretty interesting, even they are not real. They remind of the old SF movies I was watching when I was little.

Photo Courtesy Lockwasher

I started putting these intergalactic self-defense mechanisms (ray guns) together after being totally inspired by Clayton Bailey, artist/gunsmith. I also draw inspiration from old 50’s and 60’s space movies, TV, toys… anything retro cool! I hope you enjoy looking at these as much as I did creating them.


weird raygun

raygun picture

But it seems he’s not the only one who has the strange passion of making toy rayguns.

Photo Courtesy  Lawrence Northey


Source: Joe Blow Glassworks

Why rayguns are fictional, as far as is generally known

* In many science fiction scenarios, the laws of physics and nature of matter and energy are different from in the real world (i.e.: the fictional Minovsky Physics, which operate in the Gundam universe.)
* With current technology, the amount of power that they would need is beyond the capacity of any handheld device[citation needed]. Actual energy weapons are large and cumbersome and portable versions are barely powerful enough to be considered weapons.

* Many of them need non-existent materials.
* For laser guns, see Directed-energy weapon#Problems with lasers.
* Many fictional ray guns fire a beam which (unlike lasers) is visible in vacuum and sometimes also travels much slower than light.
* For plasma rifles and similar, see the possibility of plasma rifles existing in the real world (from Wikipedia)

Irina Alexandra is a young entrepreneur and architect, with a passion for miracles and weirdness of life.

She has been writing articles on Weirdomatic for the last 7 years in a search for all the amazing things we tend to ignore.

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10 Responses to “Rayguns – Reality vs. SF”

  1. Rayguns are a strange passion? Who knew? Whenever I think of a “strange passion” I think of people that get turned on by women’s feet. Something for everyone I guess…

  2. […] check out the picsread more | digg […]

  3. What a cool collection of steampunk ray guns!

    If you’re into space opera–a staple genre featuring ray guns–check out http://raygunrevival.com.

    I love the ray guns they have at Weta, but don’t have that kind of scratch for a make believe weapon:

  4. This is fun! The RayGuns are cool and I really enjoyed trying to recognize the parts that the guns were made from!

  5. Making rayguns is waaaay more fun than making real guns (I’ve done both), and sometimes the wilder & crazer the better. My latest ones I tried to extrapolate what a real ‘energy pistol’ might look like, but yet tried to keep a bit of the classic raygun appearance. Check out my site: http://www.rayguns-r-us.com.

  6. I’ve got two Weta rayguns and four raku rayguns from West Magoon. what I am issing are two Northey’s (and maybe a joe blow or two) how about it lawrence?

  7. I’ve definitely got a thing for rayguns – not feet.

  8. i like the glass ones!!..and i can see the fun in the others, and what there made from…hmmm…might check out the crap pile at some shops!! 😉

  9. Very effective against zombies.

  10. cod 5 :op

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