Windows Vista – Hidden Picture



Kwisatz found by mistake a picture of three guys on the Windows Vista DVD cover. Who are they and why their appear on the cover… nobody could say… It seems like a prank to me… but who knows?!?!?!







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10 Responses to “Windows Vista – Hidden Picture”

  1. Cool. Most likely they are part of the development team. Developers often “tag” software with their names or images, but you won’t see it unless you know where to look.

  2. probably 😛

  3. pretty cool feature. they’re members of Microsoft’s antipiracy team who worked on the Vista holograms 🙂

  4. Pirates? Ooo! I love pirates! Yo ho, maties!!

  5. kool

  6. […] scurt (pe lung, cum vre?i), se poveste?te c? pe cd-ul de la Windows Vista apar 3 tipi. Cine sunt ei? Mister […]

  7. if’n they be making it actually work for once.

    till then me crew be using XP….har har har.. 😉

  8. (Jack, on June 18th, 2007 at 12:51 pm Said:
    Pirates? Ooo! I love pirates! Yo ho, maties!!)

    What? Huh? What do you… What Pirates? Where?

  9. how did you manageto find that? damn you go good eye sight

  10. must be printed in ultra mega high definition to be able to zoom THAT much :/ seems weird

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